The verdict on UK managers? ‘Must try harder’

Each year, Investors in People (IiP) publish their ‘Job exodus trends’. This does what it says on the tin: how many people are thinking of leaving their jobs in the coming year – and why? At the end of 2017 IiP polled 2000 people. Remember, 2017 saw the lowest UK unemployment levels since 1975 (4.3%… Read more

Staying on track with those NY resolutions

  Full of New Year resolution? Good for you! To help you achieve your goals for 2018, I make no apology for dusting off this timely post. Watch out for 4 typical traps we can fall into when goal-setting – and what to do about them. Here’s to your success. It’s that time of year… Read more

Farewell, 2017’s jargon

Here’s a Christmas tree made from business jargon, HR-speak and general nonsense that I’ve collected throughout 2017. Some phrases, such as ‘end of play’ may not be new – but they’re still in use. Other words and phrases are new – at least to my eyes and ears. So what? Here’s a little plea: can… Read more

A feast of festive survival tips

  It’s that time of year… and whilst some of us are wild with excitement at the prospect of all sorts of gatherings, some of us are looking forward to a cup of tea and a good book. And some peace and quiet. Whatever your preference, I’ve been updating, sorting and sifting resources and hope… Read more

2017’s top business books

It’s that time of year when ‘best of’ shortlists are published – ‘best hotel’, ‘best ad campaign’, ‘best sports personality’. Business books are no exception; and it’s gratifying for an author to see people on trains and tubes reading actual books, often hardback (did I tell you I’ve written two books? OK. Just checking). Books… Read more

Should you get a mentor?

Sometimes people ask me this question in the same way I’d imagine they ask their friends if they should get a tattoo. Just because your friend’s got one, just because you’ve read a bit about it, and just because they’re out there doesn’t mean you should get a mentor. Not until you can articulate two… Read more

IQ, EQ – how’s your CQ?

‘Culture’ has a host of different meanings; for example, “I’m off to an art gallery to experience some culture”. For this post, I’m thinking about how we view the world; our beliefs and values, behavioural norms and attitudes. As more and more of us work with others in different locations and from different backgrounds, our… Read more

15 ways to be more emotionally intelligent

Emotional Intelligence. EQ (Emotional Quotient). It’s been a while; getting close to 30 years since psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer came up with the concept, concerned that IQ focused attention on too narrow a field of performance. It wasn’t long before journalist and psychologist Daniel Goleman struck gold with his world-wide blockbuster book, ‘Emotional… Read more