5 Tips for managing upwards

Your relationship with your boss (or bosses) will most likely be one of the biggest influences on your career. I’m very grateful to the different bosses I’ve worked for over the years, having learned valuable lessons from them all. OK, some of those lessons may be of the ‘what NOT to do’ kind, but good… Read more

Are you prioritising the right work?

Participants in Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops often talk about a sense of overwhelm, due to being unclear about what’s really top priority. All their plates are spinning (well, most plates if people are honest), it seems simultaneously – and so are they. But what’s actually getting done? Technology and our capacity… Read more

10 ways to get ahead with learning at work

Even though you may have left full-time education long ago, there’s something about this time of year that still gives us the urge to learn something new – it’s ‘Autumn Term’. The year has just four months to go, and yet we still can’t quite [insert skills or knowledge gap here]. This is not a… Read more

Book review: Optimize Your Strengths by James Brook & Dr Paul Brewerton

It’s no surprise to this reader that ‘Optimize Your Strengths’ comes with endorsements by some pretty big hitters, such as Facebook, BNP Paribas, the London School of Economics – and an Olympian. Both the book and its theoretical foundations are being adopted by employers big and small. This is a slim volume and an easy… Read more

10 tips for managing a new team

For the purpose of this post, let’s assume that the whole team is being formed for the first time. So your employer is taking on a new project, or has won a significant contract, or is setting up a new venture. If you’ve been selected to lead this team, chances are you’ve been involved in… Read more

Reflection exercises: writing from the future

Reflection is essential to make sense of our everyday lived experiences. Without reflection, we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Reflection helps us process our experiences, thoughts and feelings; we can spot patterns of behaviour that may be helpful or unhelpful. With methodical reflection we can begin to plan new and more… Read more

Email on holiday? 10 tips to handle it

I recently wrote about ways to reduce the time you spend on email when you’re at work. But what about when you’re on holiday? In the past few weeks, several participants on Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops have asked me about this. So with a big ‘Thank You’ to those participants (you… Read more

The benefits of a weekly review

Most of us are aware of the need to plan ahead. We set personal goals on New Year’s Day (remember that?) In business we set objectives (KPIs, OKRs or whatever) for the year, quarter or month. At work we create charts for projects, showing what’s got to be done by whom and by when. We… Read more

Earning trust as a leader

“The first job of any leader is to inspire trust.” – Stephen R. Covey Scan the headlines and in minutes we can form the opinion that trust in leaders is in short supply. What about you? Do people trust you? You’re only truly a leader when other people want to follow you. Trust is essential to… Read more

Top podcast recommendations to freshen your feed

Summer can be a good time to change a habit (and why wait for New Year?) Sun’s out, days are longer and we generally feel brighter. You might create a Big Project, or make some simple tweaks. One of a few that I’ve been doing is freshening up my podcast feed. I find podcasts a… Read more