15 ways to be more emotionally intelligent

Emotional Intelligence. EQ (Emotional Quotient). It’s been a while; getting close to 30 years since psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer came up with the concept, concerned that IQ focused attention on too narrow a field of performance. It wasn’t long before journalist and psychologist Daniel Goleman struck gold with his world-wide blockbuster book, ‘Emotional… Read more

How can you motivate people when there’s no pay rise in sight?

Thanks to the recent interest rate rise – on top of the squeeze already being felt by most people – many managers are wondering how on earth they’re going to keep people motivated when the word goes round that there won’t be a pay rise. Bear in mind that ‘motivating’ isn’t something you can do… Read more

When should you create a personal board?

It’s never too soon in your career to create a personal board – so now’s a good time to start. That’s assuming you haven’t already got some personal board ‘directors’ in your network that you may be overlooking. But first: what IS a ‘personal board’? A personal board comes in very handy for your development… Read more

Halloween and horrible bosses

Halloween night is just one week away (tho’ you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s sooner thanks to the 4-week promotion-fest that now seems to precede it). And that got me thinking about horror stories I’ve heard about bosses. If you need a recap of horrible bosses in movies, The LA Times has a primer for… Read more

10 Tips to manage stakeholders

For many of us stakeholder management is a fact of contemporary working life – we’re usually dealing with different people or groups, with differing interests, in the process of getting stuff done. (I should say upfront that I’m not a global-sized engineering projects guru; if that’s what you seek The Association for Project Management is… Read more

Mental health at work: 7 resources

  World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year, hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH). 2017 marks the 25th anniversary. This year the focus is on mental health in the workplace, with events taking place globally. WFMH produces a themed report each year; for 2017 they’ve got an impressive… Read more

7 steps to better delegation

1. Choose carefully Yes, it’s very tempting to delegate that task you’ve always hated (as in “it’s a s*%t job but I had to do it” – how motivating does that sound?) But it may be inappropriate to delegate it, wholly or in part. If you’re unsure what to delegate, you can try different approaches… Read more

Psych stuff round-up

As an avid reader on applied psychology – how it shows up in our day-to-day lives and those of our nearest and dearest, as well as in the workplace and at leisure – I thought these snippets were well worth sharing. Mindfulness + teenagers = ‘meh’ If you work in an organisation that prides itself… Read more

5 Tips for managing upwards

Your relationship with your boss (or bosses) will most likely be one of the biggest influences on your career. I’m very grateful to the different bosses I’ve worked for over the years, having learned valuable lessons from them all. OK, some of those lessons may be of the ‘what NOT to do’ kind, but good… Read more

Are you prioritising the right work?

Participants in Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops often talk about a sense of overwhelm, due to being unclear about what’s really top priority. All their plates are spinning (well, most plates if people are honest), it seems simultaneously – and so are they. But what’s actually getting done? Technology and our capacity… Read more