10 reasons why you need to delegate more

1.     Good delegation develops people who can then step up, making the whole team stronger and more effective.

2.     The more frequently you delegate, the more you’ll be developing a key management skill.

3.     Delegation demonstrates trust in people to take on a task and get it done. Being entrusted is motivating, as people can see they’re getting added responsibility and making progress.

4.     Good delegation means handing over a degree of autonomy to someone. Autonomy is a big motivator for most of us; on the other hand, perceived lack of autonomy can be a stressor. Most of us have experienced being micro-managed at some time; its demotivating.

5.     Not being a good delegator – a micromanager – isn’t a good reputation to have. The truth will out, for example in exit interviews as your people seek new challenges.

6.     When you delegate more you can – gently – stretch people beyond their current comfort zone. And you’ll probably be slightly out of your comfort zone too as you step up.

7.     People need variety in their workload, so delegate a range of tasks, not just the routine stuff.

8.     There are probably elements of tasks that you’re holding onto that your team members could – and should – help with and start learning about. So think of how to break tasks down and share them out.

9.     The right people need to be doing the right work. Sounds so simple in theory, but in practice this often isn’t the case. Ask yourself if all the work you got done yesterday is commensurate with your pay grade/charge out rate. Most of us will find something that belongs in our previous job description, or even the one before that. This isn’t smart business: you’re being overpaid for what you actually do.  Aim to delegate all the work that matches a lower rate and some that matches your own.

10.  You’ll be freed up to spot more opportunities and take on more challenges, ideally commensurate with a higher pay grade than your current one – making you an asset to your employer.

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Dawn is the author of ‘The Feedback Book’ 


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