Jaw-dropping figures on ageing

For the past few years, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Generation Y, the people now entering the workplace to the tune of 20% and rising in the UK. Gen Y still fascinate me, particularly how they’re responding to tough times and their views and hopes for the future.  At the same time,… Read more

A novel way of promoting your skills.

Just in case some of you are thinking of brushing up your resumes, curriculum vitae, call it what you will.  Here’s a novel approach – and for those of you who’ve already seen Chris Doyle’s wonderful take on this, I make no apologies, as it still raises a smile.  And the piece got him a… Read more

Soup recipe: salmon and miso noodle soup

With the resident fish refusenik off out, time to experiment – thought it worked out quite well.  Let me know what you think. For each person you will need: 1 salmon fillet, any bones and skin removed 1 sachet of miso soup 1 bunch of rice noodles (Sharwoods are good and easy to prepare) 1… Read more