Ask a coach: how do I set really motivating goals?

Ever been in a situation where you are defining your goals (objectives, outcomes) and you seem really keen and fired up to do what it takes to reach the goal?  Of course.  And then…have you ever been in the same sort of situation but somehow, you don’t seem that motivated to take the necessary steps… Read more

Are you a drain or a radiator?

How do you respond to the stuff that happens?  What do you notice about your motivation and energy levels, and the effect you have on those around you?  We’ve all encountered drains, with their world-weary, seen-it-all- before, tired and often cynical manner.  Drains can sap the energy out of a team at work, or a personal… Read more

Who are you presenting to?

Surely it’s obvious, right?  Duh, the people in the room??  Well, maybe.  And who will they be presenting to?  Think about it: the audience for your presentation of course includes the people you will have in the room, but if you want those people to act on your presentation then remember that they in turn… Read more

Book review: So What? The definitive guide to the only business questions that matter, by Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan reckons that we could make life – and particularly our working life – so much simpler and easier if we just learned from children.  Children are constantly learning, naturally curious and always asking questions.  Yet as we grow older, we can become hesitant about asking questions, in some cases to the point of… Read more

Book review: Shackleton’s Way by Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell.

The sub-title to this book is ‘leadership lessons from the great Antarctic explorer’ – and they’re not kidding.  I’d preface the sub-title with ‘massively inspirational’.  This is first and foremost a ripping yarn, a stirring true story of determination, loyalty, teamwork and extraordinary human courage in enormous adversity.  Even better, the authors draw out the… Read more

Ask a trainer: Help! How do I get professional development when there’s no budget left?

You want to develop, both personally and professionally.  You’ve asked for training and been told there’s no budget left.  You’re not alone.  Many a budget holder has got part-way through the year to find there’s not enough budget to go round. If you’re affected by this, what can you do?  Here are some thoughts:  Identify… Read more