Ask a coach: how do I coach people in my team?

How can you get started?  You don’t need to clear chunks of time out of your calendar.  It’s more a question of having conversations with people, as the work happens – with a shift in your approach. Here are 5 fundamentals that all ‘manager-coaches’ need to know and do: 1. Do whatever it takes to… Read more

Ask a coach: what’s an internal coach? Are they the same as a manager who coaches their people? Can I coach my people?

OK, one at a time!  First up, what’s an internal coach? Some organisations have coaches in-house, on the payroll.  They (usually) have a core role that may involve dealing with customers, leading teams, technical expertise – and they also have a role as an internal coach to others.  This can work well for large organisations, where… Read more

Can praise be de-motivating?

Gasp!  Surely this is heresy!  Aren’t coaches and trainers always telling managers to praise people more?  And yes, when we do, we are often met with responses along the lines of, ‘listen, this is a business, not a game show you know’.  Or just ‘ew….’  And then we come back with how when kids are… Read more