Slashing training and recruitment costs

Cuts, cuts and more cuts.  Have you heard the one about the (London) Metropolitan Police slashing GBP 12 million per year off their recruitment and training costs?  I think there’s some rather smart thinking going on here… Historically, ‘the Met’ has paid its officer recruits a salary and trained them for 25 weeks.  At first… Read more

Learning outside the comfort zone

Earlier this week I had the privilege to work with a bunch of people from Drive Dentsu’s Middle East offices.  We stayed in a ski resort, huge mountains quiet and out of season, 2000 metres above the bustle of Beirut, and had dinner in a Swiss-style bar.  Followed by karaoke.  As someone who turns queasy… Read more

Beware the power of ‘Why?’

I often hear how it’s important to use ‘the rule of 5 whys’, in other words, to ask ‘Why?’ five times.  It’s reckoned this will reveal hidden truths, expose unhelpful assumptions and bring forth new ideas. Indeed it may.  However, I tend to counsel caution against using this question.  It’s not always going to get… Read more

My Top 10 books on Leadership

You can find all the titles on my resources page 1.Who are your best people? by Robin Stuart-Kotze and Chris Dunn.  Because it’s based on sound experience and research, and is highly practical.  The message to focus on observable behaviour is very forcefully driven home with examples and illustrations.   2.The 7 habits of highly effective… Read more

Soup recipe: courgette and chilli soup.

It’s soup time again and this year we seem to have a bumper crop of chillies.  Whilst they vastly outnumber our feeble courgette crop, I wouldn’t recommend using them in that ratio.  This is quick and easy; just remember the rubber gloves for preparing the chilli.  For each person you will need: Half an onion,… Read more

MBTI and presentations

If you know your Myers Briggs® Type you can use knowledge of preferences to ensure your presentation works for your audience’s needs.  Much of how our Type turns up in everyday life is second nature to us – we can take it for granted.  When we’re preparing a presentation we may fall into the trap… Read more