Book Review: ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks

I was initially pretty wary of this book: the sub-title, ‘conquer your fear and take life to the next level’ had me wondering if I’d wandered into snake-oil territory.  But actually, I hadn’t.  Hendricks promises much and delivers it very simply.  So I recommend keeping an open mind (unlike mine when I started reading!), as… Read more

Ask a coach: how can I be more creative?

I’m often asked this, particularly by participants on ‘brainstorming sessions’ or ‘off-site-idea-days’.  These sessions can be great for getting people together and remembering why they got into the business/team/project in the first place.  The best ones end up with tangible ideas and clear actions to take them forward.  Sometimes, people can feel a little underwhelmed… Read more

Soup recipe: butternut squash and leek

Pumpkins and squashes look lovely, but can also be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated. Here’s a warming recipe that’s simple to make, and at the end are suggestions about what to do with the rest of the brute. For each person you will need: Half an onion, finely chopped Half a good-sized leek, topped… Read more

Watch this if you care about learning and education

I found Sir Ken Robinson’s RSA talk as moving as it is thought-provoking.  His key point is that standardised testing of children kills off their innate genius by the time they enter secondary education. That and the often-routine prescription of medication for ADHD.  Yet the child-like genius we all have inside is exactly what this… Read more