Beware Parallel Universe Syndrome

So you’ve written your goals. Well done.  Already you have an advantage over all the people who don’t write their goals down and so don’t get them fully loaded into our wonderful brains’ wiring. Your amazing brain will now be primed to spot opportunities for you to move towards your goals, using the same circuitry… Read more

Are You One Of The ‘Fixed Grin’ Workers?

According to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey of 2,000 UK employees, job satisfaction has increased.  Yep, the statistics say that the difference between the number of respondents saying they are satisfied at work and those who report being dissatisfied is up from +35 to +42.  We could simply smile and quote… Read more

Fast forward To December 2011!

To stay on track to achieving your goals for this year (and any future year), try this technique.  Simple, yet powerful. Imagine it’s December 2011.  You feel happy, healthy, content.  Take a few deep breaths and really notice how life feels from here.  Visualise yourself somewhere that inspires you.  You may be with others –… Read more

2010: How Was It For You?

Thomas Paine said, The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. As a reformed non-reflector, that quote really speaks to me. If we don’t reflect, we’re missing a key stage of the cycle for learning to be effective. If we don’t reflect, we risk not accumulating the wisdom… Read more