Want To Get Promoted? Get A Network.

If no-one knows who you are, what you’re good at and what you’re like to work with, your chances of promotion won’t be all that great. You may already have a fantastic network that’s working well for you. Well done. But if all you have are website friends who thought your stunt with the vodka… Read more

5 Ways To Boost Your Promotion Prospects

If you want your employer to invest in you, by giving you the promotion you want (and the package that comes with it), it’s worth thinking about what investment you’re prepared to make in yourself to boost your prospects. Here are five ideas: Seek opportunities to gain experience. This may be on a particular project… Read more

Getting Promoted: What Are You An Expert In?

People who get promoted ahead of the pack are usually very well informed.  They often have expertise that marks them out.  The excellent John Lees, in books such as ‘Take Control Of Your Career’ and ‘How To Find A Job You Love’, talks about the need to know the organisation.  One thing it’s worth finding… Read more

Want To Get Promoted? What Are You Getting Done?

It’s not a trick question: what are you actually doing?  Often, at work and in our beyond-work lives, we do that which we most want to do and the other stuff, well, er… The same job will be done differently by different people (to a greater or lesser extent, depending on factors like health and… Read more

On Track For Promotion? How Are You Doing?

Hurrah, it’s February.  So you’ve got all your goals and objectives, personal and professional, all written up, Key Result Indicators all identified and you’re on your way.  Aren’t you?  Well, that depends. Stop and think: if you’re working in the same way as you did last year, it’s unlikely you’ll get huge change.  Fine, if… Read more

Tips For Writing Compelling Goals

If you’re setting New Year resolutions this January, setting goals for yourself in 2011, these tips may help you ensure your goals are more compelling. Write your goals down, with pen and paper.  We can all benefit from clearer thinking when we get the thoughts out of our head and on to some paper.  The… Read more