Soup Recipe: Watercress

This recipe comes from guest contributor Vicky Townshend, who says: This is one of those concoctions that we refer to in my family as “According-to-my-sorts-as-I-sinks”. This means that the component parts are put into the mix ad lib, depending on both the availability of ingredients and the passing fancy of the cook. For the sake… Read more

Managing To Optimise Strengths

Here are my top ten tips to manage your people to optimise their strengths: Acknowledge that everyone has strengths, and that different people have different strengths, including you. Identify the essential strengths that are needed for the whole team to do a great job. Get some expert advice on this if necessary. Help your team… Read more

Are You Overplaying Your Strengths?

If you’re now the proud owner of an inventory of your strengths, well done. If you’re not, check out the blog post on why and how to do this, then come back when you’re done. So surely it’s now all about playing full out to your top strength, right? Nope. Doing this, according to the… Read more

Book Review: The Strengths Book, by Alex Linley, Janet Willars and Robert Biswas-Diener

From the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) team, whose mission is to ‘strengthen the world’, comes a very handy strengths owners’ manual. There is lots to learn and enjoy in this book, the bulk of which is spent detailing 60 different strengths. There are ‘case studies in strengthening’, which at some point will resonate… Read more

What Are Your Strengths? And Why Should You Bother Finding Out?

If we identify what our strengths truly are, we then create the opportunity to have more: Energy Enjoyment of what we’re doing Resilience when things get tough Fulfilment and success That seems like a pretty worthwhile list. Many of us think we’re perfectly well aware of our strengths. We usually think our strengths are simply… Read more

Want To Get Promoted? Get Noticed For The Right Things

No-one likes a grandiose self-promoter; but everyone’s got time for the employee who genuinely makes a contribution to the organisation. How can you make a contribution? Make your team the most successful. You can only achieve this with, and through, all your team members. So empower people, recognise and reward effort. Other employees will want… Read more