Delegation tip: Who Do You Delegate To?

S’obvious innit? Surely one delegates to one’s subordinates? Well, usually, yes, the people who report to a manager are the prime candidates for being delegated to. So let’s start with them. Say you have a team of people and they have set job descriptions, roles and responsibilities. So far, so good. However… to really get… Read more

Delegation Tip: Give Away Your Pet Tasks

One of the mean things I do to participants on workshops when we get into delegation is I ask them to identify one of their favourite, most-loved, pet tasks. Then I ask them how they’re going to delegate it. Usually there’s an understandable amount of grimacing and squirming, a.k.a. discomfort. I should know, having been… Read more

Delegation Tip: Aim For Dialogue When Delegating

When you’re delegating, you need to be a bit flexible. Different people will approach the same task in different ways. Some may want your involvement, others not. Some may want to be directed and taught how to do something; others may view direction as an affront to their skills and capabilities. How will you know?… Read more

Delegation Tip: Give a Clear Brief

I run lots of workshops where we cover delegation and one of the classic ‘traps for beginners’ (and it not’s just beginners… it could be you) is telling people the ‘how’ and not explaining the ‘why’. Why does this task need to be done? It sounds so basic, but unless people get the Big Picture… Read more