Coaching And Mentoring: The Leadership Skills Gap

If you asked a bunch of HR and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals what they think are the top three leadership skills gaps, what do you reckon they’d say? Given what we’ve been through these past few years (and may have to wade through for some time yet), you might think business, or finance, or… Read more

CIPD Survey Shows Where Coaching And Mentoring Are Used

The CIPD’s thirteenth annual ‘Learning and Talent Development’ survey shows that coaching, both by line managers and external coaches, is on the increase. Mentoring and buddying schemes seem to have dropped back from last year – although I wonder how much this is down to the 601 organisations’-worth of respondents being confused about the terminology… Read more

Get A Mentor To Get Ahead

From my earlier posting on mentors, you can imagine I think they’re A Good Thing. How do you go about getting one? There are two main ways: formally and informally, and two main contexts: at work and beyond. Which works best for you? Depends on what you need, what’s available and what you can commit… Read more

Coaching, Mentoring: What’s The Difference?

Good question – one I’m often asked. There is a noticeable lack of agreement across various coaching and mentoring lead bodies, and often people use the terms interchangeably, so it’s no surprise that folks get confused. I think the trend to have coaching as part of line managers’ skillset is further blurring the boundary (although… Read more

Reflect On Your Mentors

Ever read those interviews with high-profile people and notice how they all have wise words from those who’ve helped them on their way? I’m sure this is no accident: people who succeed are not only able to get advice and wisdom when they need it, they act upon it and value it. We can all… Read more