Get A Mentor To Get Ahead

From my earlier posting on mentors, you can imagine I think they’re A Good Thing. How do you go about getting one? There are two main ways: formally and informally, and two main contexts: at work and beyond. Which works best for you? Depends on what you need, what’s available and what you can commit… Read more

Coaching, Mentoring: What’s The Difference?

Good question – one I’m often asked. There is a noticeable lack of agreement across various coaching and mentoring lead bodies, and often people use the terms interchangeably, so it’s no surprise that folks get confused. I think the trend to have coaching as part of line managers’ skillset is further blurring the boundary (although… Read more

Reflect On Your Mentors

Ever read those interviews with high-profile people and notice how they all have wise words from those who’ve helped them on their way? I’m sure this is no accident: people who succeed are not only able to get advice and wisdom when they need it, they act upon it and value it. We can all… Read more