Leading Teams

If you’re a team leader, you need to understand the dynamics at play in teams. Or more accurately, the interplay between the different individuals in a group. Unless and until the group has progressed through the initial stages, it actually isn’t functioning as a team at all, even if it’s called one. Right from the… Read more

Ask A Coach: What Can I Do About Conflict In My Team?

Well, it depends. If your team is healthy, there will be different approaches, diverse ideas and challenges to the status quo. Managing these differences is what makes for a strong team. Whereas weak teams lack diversity: it’s all vanilla. See my previous post on ground-rules for teams. However, some conflict is not so healthy: There… Read more

Establish Team Ground Rules

So your team has now got clear goals and clear roles (see previous post on sports teams). So now what? It’s time to get the ground rules out in the open. These are the often hidden traps that bedevil new joiners and the organizationally unwary – it’s all about “how we do things round here”…. Read more

Sports Teams And Work Teams – Does The Theory Work For Both?

There’s a lot written, and a great deal said, about what organizational teams can learn from sports teams. Much of it is inspirational, some of it is useful, and some just doesn’t travel into your average workplace at all. That’s because there are some fundamental, but often overlooked, differences – beyond the obvious dress code… Read more