Book Review: Successful NLP by Jeremy Lazarus

I really like Jeremy’s down-to-earth approach to NLP: he wears his extensive NLP Master Trainer qualifications lightly yet thoroughly knows his stuff. Jeremy believes that NLP can help us ‘get better results, faster in all areas’ of our lives. He’s been a coach for ages as well as a NLP trainer, working with a range… Read more

Influencing Using NLP

When we want to influence people, a very powerful technique can be to mirror or match their body language and voice. Now obviously, we’re not talking about mimicking or aping another person’s every twitch, scratch and drumming finger – how would you like that? No: we’re talking about paying careful and respectful attention to them,… Read more

Influence Others Using The Senses

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has much to offer us when it comes to improving our influencing skills. For example, NLP is very big on understanding how we use our five senses: Seeing – Visual Hearing – Auditory Feeling – Kinaesthetic Smelling – Olfactory Tasting – Gustatory NLP calls these our Representational systems, and claims we… Read more

Ask A Coach: How Can I Have More Influence?

Hmmm… My answer to this one is often another question: so that you can what? One of the Big Issues with influencing that we need to grasp right from the start is that it needs to be done with integrity. If you are out to manipulate others or use dark arts such as emotional blackmail,… Read more