Stress And Absence

So the latest CIPD/simplyhealth Absence Management Survey, published on 05 October, says that stress is now the most common cause of long-term sickness absence. Poor old musculoskeletal problems have been knocked off the top spot. Is anyone surprised? 50% of public sector organisations surveyed reported a rise in this type of sickness absence. Again, no… Read more

Book Review: ‘Punk Rock People Management’ By Peter Cook

Once again, Mr Cook, he of ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock n Roll’, has me laughing out loud whilst underpinning his outrageous common sense with all the right theories, frameworks and models. And he makes it look so damned easy – if only! Thirteen chapters, each one two pages long – what’s not to like about… Read more

Should We All Aim For Happiness?

It seems that one of the founding fathers of the Positive Psychology movement, Martin Seligman, may be moderating his happiness agenda. His new book, ‘Flourish’, marks a shift from his earlier ‘Authentic Happiness’. He’s recently been quoted as saying, “What humans want is not just happiness. They want justice; they want meaning”. So is it… Read more