Distinguish Thoughts From Feelings

Us Brits can get in a terrible tangle when it comes to our emotions (OK, we’re not alone, but we do rather stand out). We have this fabulous, enormous vocabulary and yet we often misuse it to hide our emotions from others – and ourselves. We can all benefit from noticing our feelings more. Emotions… Read more

Book Review – Overcoming Low Self-Esteem, By Dr Melanie Fennell

I really rate the titles in the ‘Overcoming’ series. All are written by practising psychologists, yet in a highly accessible, practical style. Melanie Fennell’s book in the series is a great example. Dr Fennell is an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teacher and practitioner, and it’s the CBT approach that informs the thinking and exercises in… Read more

Multi-Tasking – Can We Really Do It?

There are conflicting reports out there about multi-tasking. It’s something we can all do and should do. But wait. No, it’s something only women are good at and men are woeful at. Or then again, it’s a productivity drain no matter who’s doing it… We’re entitled to feel a bit confused. Personally, I find doing… Read more

Get Your Elevator Pitch Right

We’ve all heard of the ‘elevator pitch’, right? The one where we find ourselves in the lift (aka elevator) with the CEO/boss/person who can make Big Decisions, and make a winning pitch to them before the lift reaches their (top) floor. In some big cities, that’s going to take quite some time; in others it… Read more

Staying Positive In Tough Times

As we come to the end of what for many of us has been a challenging year, and are probably facing more of the same next year (and let’s be honest, for a few more years), I want to offer some suggestions on getting and staying a bit more positive. Stay with me here –… Read more