Failure Week

Being a Big Fan of all things to do with resilience, I was fascinated when a nearby school launched ‘Failure Week’ – and clearly so were huge swathes of the media. Here’s what Dr Elyse Waites, Wimbledon High School’s Head of Year 7 and co-instigator of ‘Failure Week’ has to say about it: “The longer… Read more

Book review: Mindset, by Carol Dweck

How do you respond to setbacks? Do you see them as a sign that you’re a failure, or do you stop and think about how to do better next time? How do you view effort? As a pre-requisite to good performance, or as something that people with natural talent simply don’t need? Your answers will… Read more

Tricky Conversations…

What IS a ‘tricky conversation’? You probably already know the answer and I’ll bet you can think of some people and conversations that you would immediately file under ‘tricky’. But just to clarify, a tricky or difficult conversation might be one where some or all of these elements apply: The stakes are high: one or… Read more

Book Review: Vital Conversations by Alec Grimsley

The subtitle of this book is ‘Making The Impossible Conversation Possible’, which must strike a chord with many of us. Grimsley describes the conversations as vital because these are discussions we simply cannot put off any longer, and the sooner we get on with it, the better off we will all be. Drawing on a… Read more