Take Responsibility For Your Development

So if the UK isn’t as productive as it could be (according to the Office of National Statistics, UK GDP per worker fell relative to all the other G7 countries except Italy and Germany), and yet we’re seeing continued investment (albeit reduced in some sectors) in training, what’s going on? I think there are several… Read more

Presentation Tip: Involve Your Audience

“Oh no, surely not? Isn’t it enough already that I have to do a *@$% presentation?” Well, it depends… How much do you want your audience to buy into what you’re presenting, and how thoroughly do you know what they respond well to? If the answer to both those questions is “a lot” then you… Read more

Presentation Tip: Harness The Power Of Your Voice

Most of us who do presentations spend far longer preparing our visuals (the dreaded ‘deck’) than we do our voices. Yet our voice is an enormously powerful medium. Ask anyone who’s sat through a monotone presentation. Or listen to a brilliant orator. Getting some variety in our vocal delivery is vital to emphasise key points,… Read more