Do Your Beliefs Hold You Back At Work?

Here’s another great post from Chris Janzen, who this week adds ‘Olympic Torchbearer’ to his many accomplishments – thanks for the post Chris! Our beliefs are assumptions that we make – with conviction – about how things are and how they should be. We develop our beliefs from what we experience, see, read, feel and… Read more

Ask A Coach: Should I Take A Personality Test?

Oooh, now there’s a question – should you take a personality test? What if you failed?!? Let’s get one thing straight: you already have a personality, and if you complete an assessment of it, you may get some useful insights. And yes, there are books and websites that will claim they can help you ‘pass’… Read more

What Ultimately Decides Your Career Path?

This post is by Chris Janzen, who amongst many things delivers our training workshops (and gets great feedback!) Chris is also a coach, triathlete and… drum roll please… 2012 Olympic Torchbearer! Whether you realise it or not, the direction of your career is a direct result of your hierarchy of values. You decide and act… Read more

Ask A Coach: Should I Have A Personal Mission Statement?

If you’re considering this question, then it might be worth giving it a go. But please start from a place of curiosity: if you’ve been prompted to come up with a personal mission statement because you feel you have to in order to look good, there’s a real risk of ending up with something insincere… Read more