Audio Book Review: The Ration Book Olympics

Opening ceremony: A lost Union flag. Thousands of dead pigeons. An out of tune orchestra. A monarch with an aversion to speeches. Welcome to the 1948 London Olympics. 64 years ago, a mere 3 years after the end of World War II, things were rather different than at the 2012 Olympics. Japan and Germany weren’t… Read more

Olympic Lesson – Persistence

There are ‘lessons learned from London 2012’ everywhere – and quite right too. I think there are heaps of valuable lessons to learn from what went so well in the great Olympic Games, and it’s important that we look at them, learn from them, and apply them. One of many lessons that I’m taking out… Read more

Perfectionism Can Spoil Your Holiday

Do you ‘suffer from’ perfectionism? I do, and used to feel very smug in job interviews when asked to list my flaws and out would trot the P word. Well we all know perfectionism can have its uses – tidy desk, tidy mind and all that – but it can also be an affliction. Ask… Read more

Straining Your Training Budget? Some Eye-Watering Stats For You

If you’re trying to juggle your Training / L&D / Talent Development budget for what’s left of 2012, here are a few statistics that may provide comfort. I’ve filleted these from an article in People Management (the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s magazine), about L&D in the Civil Service. Brace yourself. 10,000 – the… Read more