Tips For Managing Your Boss

Your relationship with your boss is probably the most crucial you have in terms of impact on your career progression. It also affects how you feel about your job, your employer – and yourself – as you head out the door at the end of the day. Yet, whilst we can usually see the benefits… Read more

Teams: Sport Vs Work – Similarities And Differences

Much has been written about how teams at work can learn from sporting teams, and the recent London 2012 Olympics has added to the literature. Yet something seems to be missing: yes there are some similarities, but I think they’re pretty obvious; and the differences are often overlooked in both directions. Sports teams have clear… Read more

‘Autumn Term’

Do you remember that ‘back to school’ feeling? The end of the long holidays (where the weather was much sunnier than it seems to be in recent summers), the putting away of shorts, sandals and swimsuits. A sense of loss, of ending. And then the excitement of something new. New uniform, new books and, although… Read more

A Plea To L&D Managers: Tell People What Their Training Costs

Something that’s been vexing me recently is how hard it is for companies to get a full turnout for training courses. You’d think that, given the continuing economic hardship that employers and employees are experiencing, if someone is given the opportunity of attending a training workshop, they’d be there. Yet we keep seeing and hearing… Read more