Where Are Your Priorities – Really?

Everyone’s really busy. I am. And so’s everyone else. ‘Crazy busy’. ‘Frantic’. ‘Manic’. ‘Totally swamped’. ‘Flat out’. And I’m wondering why. Surely there’s less work around if we’re still bumping along in a flat-lining economy? Nope. Sure there are fewer jobs, in certain sectors. However, in my part of the world, people seem to be… Read more

Ask a Coach: Should I Fake It To Make It?

There are times when it can help us to ‘fake it’; there are also times when the gap between where we are and where we want to be is too great for any amount of faking to work. Something jars a bit with me when we talk about ‘faking’: I think if we have to… Read more

With Rights Come Responsibilities

I’ve been thinking back to some of the assertiveness training that was all the rage (probably not the best word, but you get the idea) when I started getting involved in training. And it had been around for a while by then. So nowadays the word ‘assertive’ can seem like old hat. Yet much of… Read more

How’s Your Self-Esteem?

Spending time on social media isn’t top of my to-do list, but when I do, I’m struck by some of the behaviour. In old-school assertiveness training language, there’s a lot of passive-aggression going on out there. And very often, behaviour that’s other than assertive is linked to low self-esteem. So if you’re about to unleash… Read more