More evidence that we’re not good at multi-tasking

As the popular proverb says, ‘Lessons are repeated until they are learned’.  Oh too true.  Further evidence of just that from a recent psychology study by David Strayer and David Sanbonmatsu.   70% of respondents rated themselves as ‘above average’ at multi-tasking, but it proved that only 25% of them actually were.  Two things were going… Read more

The basics that management must get right

Really good article in recent Harvard Business Review asks ‘Does management really work?’ and comes up with some damning answers.  Based on extensive international research by a team of economists, Nicholas Bloom, Raffaela Sadun and John Van Reenen provide substantial back-up to their claim that many organisations – in government, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and education… Read more

Top 10 UK psychology posts of 2012

  The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest has compiled its most popular posts of 2012   My particular favourites: Why do children hide by covering their eyes?  A deep and meaningful explanation for a cute behaviour. Pop music is getting sadder and emotionally more ambiguous.  Abba and Aqua just too naïve to cope with the… Read more

This I’ve got to try: walking meetings

I’m really struck by Nilofer Merchant’s great HBR blog post, ‘Sitting is the smoking of our generation’. Her point is well made: obesity in the USA is now a far bigger killer than smoking, and we’re spending many more hours sitting than preceding generations. Q.  What’s the USA average number of hours spent sitting per… Read more

Make your plans happen

It’s that time of year when we’re all making resolutions, joining gyms, shocking our bodies with exercise and crash diets – well some of us are… And yet, we all know – don’t we – that most resolutions just don’t stick. The gym membership lapses – or doesn’t even get taken up. The new exercise… Read more