How to get new team members up to speed on ground rules

  One of the things that can easily trip up a new team member is not knowing ‘how things get done round here’.  And why should they know?  More often than not, the team’s ground rules are unwritten and unspoken.  They are somehow understood by those already in the team – and often that understanding… Read more

10 tips for a better relationship with your boss

It’s the most important professional relationship you can have – yet how often do you pay attention to it?  Here are some ideas to help you build a better relationship with your boss.   1. Nail the basics.  Yes, you may be bursting to write a ground-breaking strategy piece for the business that will blow… Read more

Interviewing candidates? Beware…

I’ve been updating our Zoomly dynamics workshop on ‘How to interview’.  Now is not the place and time for a piece about equality and employment law.  Beyond that little minefield, there are some basics that it’s not too hard to get right.  Why can it go wrong? Unstructured interviews are notoriously unreliable.  There’s a stack… Read more

Underperforming staff not being dealt with? Why?

According to research just out from Roffey Park, 40% of managers surveyed said that below-par performance is not being properly dealt with.  Whether that’s an individual employee or an entire team, there’s a widespread view that people are not getting the job done right and are getting away with it.  Amongst several other stats cited,… Read more