Using adjournments in negotiations

When we are negotiating, it can be all too easy for us to take things personally. The other party objects. Someone questions the fee / price / money. We are unfavourably compared with a competitor. To borrow the words of Big Chris (a.k.a. Vinnie Jones) in ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, it can get… Read more

Dealing with procurement? Be confident about your product

I recently had the pleasure of delivering part of a workshop on dealing with procurement – I do the psychology bit – and a theme recurred. Have you ever seen a footballer step up to take a penalty and just KNOW they’re going to miss? Or seen a tennis player step out on Centre Court… Read more

The price of UK sickness absence

Some startling stats from PwC show that, in UK companies, absence through sickness is costing around £28.8 billion annually or 90% of the cost of absence from work. The UK occupies the unenviable top spot in a global table of sick days off, with an average of 9.1 days per year. That’s double the amount… Read more

Our wisdom for others… but not ourselves

I’ve been struck by both the obvious truth and elegant wisdom in a recent piece by David Dunning in The Psychologist about how we display great wisdom about the challenges others face in reaching their goals – yet we don’t apply that same wisdom to ourselves. If this sounds a little like those studies where… Read more