When multi-tasking can pay off

Much has been written recently about how multi-tasking actually isn’t so effective: we spin in circles and get less done. It’s been my observation – and personal experience – that this is generally true. However, I think the multi-tasking in question is when we try to do different tasks for different projects simultaneously. That way,… Read more

How to be more commercially savvy (101)

I’m struck by how often I hear about employees needing to be ‘more commercial’ or ‘more clued up about business’. OK, Zoomly’s clients are in the creative and media sector, where historically many grad recruits have arts degrees. But that needn’t mean that the poor dears can’t get their heads round business, surely? A tad… Read more

10 Tips for getting a new hire up and running

Seen a new face, sat around looking baffled and bored? Being new can be terrifying. It can also be frustrating, as the newbie sits around waiting for people to explain stuff to them, ‘onboarding’ sessions get postponed and a feeling of helplessness descends. From the employer’s and employee’s perspective, hiring new people is a gamble… Read more