Resilience and positive emotions at work

Those of you who’ve come to Zoomly’s workshops, or our Topic Taster sessions, will know that we’re big fans of positive psychology. I’m particularly interested in how this can be harnessed to boost our resilience in tough times. When we’re more resilient we can adapt to challenges and setbacks more effectively – anyone experienced these… Read more

10 Tips to make your presentation skills training REALLY stick

Year in, year out I get asked about presentation training. We’ve all heard that the prospect of pubic speaking is reckoned to be scarier for most of us than death. When we run our Zoomly workshops on ‘How to write presentations’ and ‘How to deliver presentations’ we always encourage participants to get some real-world practice… Read more

How do I communicate with more impact?

We’re being asked to deliver our bite-sized workshop on communication skills quite a bit at the moment, and when I ask people why this is so, there are some consistent themes: Using the wrong medium for the message Rubbish writing, especially waffle Lacking confidence and authority to back up what’s being said So if you… Read more

Ask a coach: when should I move jobs?

Is there a set time? Is there a right time? Is there too short or too long a time between job moves? It’s been my observation that there is no set pattern, so it’s not possible (or advisable) to prescribe. There is only when it’s the right time for each individual, and even then, it’s… Read more

70 years of Maslow

A good recent piece on BBC News magazine by William Kremer on Claudia Hammond marks 70 years of Abraham Maslow’s motivation theory, or as the writers put it “the pyramid that beguiled business”. And as many others have, Kremer and Hammond find for and against Maslow’s model. Notably, the lack of clear empirical evidence to… Read more