8 Tips to better manage your stakeholders

We’ve got an all-new Zoomly workshop, ‘How to manage stakeholders’, and it’s been developed at the request of our clients. Stakeholder management – and particularly the state of stakeholder relationships – is an increasing measure of success in many sectors. Yet all too often we just ‘get on with the job’ and not pause for… Read more

Can’t decide? Try this tool to make wiser choices

Overwhelmed by choice? Not sure what to do next? Unable to make a choice? Too many options? Help is at hand. If a simple list of things to do isn’t working, or you think you know what’s best, but just want to be sure, try a criteria analysis (sometimes known as a Pugh or Decision… Read more

Broke & bored? 7 free ways to wake up your mind

Take a walk Wrap up and get out there. Aim to walk briskly for at least 30 minutes. That alone will banish a few cobwebs, but you can also walk and talk with someone else (see my earlier blog post on walking meetings). And of course, you can walk somewhere interesting: an historic part of… Read more

Great coaching questions to help you have a vintage 2014

Thanks to Andie Hemming for this wonderful guest blog post. I always like to take time to reflect on the past year, and the twelve months to come. So my good friend (and top exec coach) Andie Hemming’s great post is very well-timed. Over to Andie… I wish you all a vintage 2014! Now, this… Read more