8 Tips for better feedback

Feedback. How do you feel when you read (or hear) that word? Thrilled at the prospect? Despondent at the @%*t sandwich you reckon will be headed your way? Curious and keen to learn more? And what about when giving feedback is a vital part of your job? Chances are if you manage people then giving… Read more

Two ears, one mouth – and the whole brain…

Ask any senior director (especially the CFO) of a professional service firm – from consultants to architects – what the big profit drains are, and they are likely to put rework high on the list. That’s when a bunch of people – usually including some with the highest billable rate – has to start again…. Read more

Ask a coach: I’m a manager, and now I’m being told to coach – just when am I supposed to find the time?

This question always comes up in Zoomly’s ‘How to coach your people’ workshop – and it’s a very valid one. Managers, like everyone else, are severely stretched with competing demands on their time and attention. And then ‘coaching’ gets added to the list of things they’re now expected to do – seemingly for the benefit… Read more

10 tips for building your personal brand

Most of us get the point that we need to continuously build our knowledge and skills if we want to develop and perform at our best. I think that only some of us get the point about building our personal brand as we advance in our working lives. I find that the concept of personal… Read more