Focus on the right things

Feeling overwhelmed? Too many To-do lists? End the day – late – wondering where the time went and what you actually achieved? You’re not alone – overwhelm is very, very common in this always-on age of too many tasks and even more distractions. What’s the smallest thing that will make the biggest difference? Focus on… Read more

Book review: Stuffocation by James Wallman

After someone I know raved about this book, I approached Stuffocation expecting to be goaded into ditching our CD collection and living life on the cloud, etc, etc. Yes, there is some of that – but there is much, much more to this book than decluttering. Stuffocation just might change your wallet, your next weekend… Read more

Beware the building fear and resentment between parents and non-parents

Some current research is getting plenty of column inches because it suggests there’s growing resentment of working parents from non-parents in the workplace. Opportunity Now has been conducting the research among 25,000 people aged between 28 and 40 and it’s due to be published in April. Meanwhile, Helena Morrissey, Chairman of Opportunity Now (and Chief… Read more