Boost your self-esteem

More and more, I’m hearing and observing that self-esteem can be a fragile thing. Maybe it’s our celebrity-obsessed culture. Maybe it’s social media where people can sometimes say things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face or put their real name to. Maybe it’s a colleague who thinks they’re Simon Cowell. Or a combination of these…. Read more

What to do if you’ve been passed over for promotion

iStock © Justin Horrocks So you missed out on promotion? Maybe that appraisal didn’t go anything like as well as you hoped. Now one or two of your peers aren’t your peers any more – they got promoted and you didn’t. It feels pretty rubbish; it happened to me once. Looking back it was tough… Read more

Stay true to your values – and true to yourself

  Ever felt uncomfortable with how you’ve treated someone? Or guilty when you think of what you’ve said about someone? Or angry at the way someone else has treated you? Answer “yes” to any of the above and chances are your values were being violated in some way. ‘Values’ can be an overused word, so… Read more

Lessons in people management from a Chef/social entrepreneur

Recently I had the good fortune to hear a talk by Simon Boyle, Chef/Founder at Brigade and Founder of the Beyond Food Foundation (BFF). Hearing how he takes on long-term unemployed homeless people, gets them ready to work, learning on apprenticeships and into employment was really inspiring stuff. Simon appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, which… Read more