Two ways you can sound more confident to senior managers

Confession: Hi, my name’s Dawn and I’m a Baby Boomer. Confession over. Being a Boomer means I can get grumpy about some of the things that lovely young people do and say. And specifically how they say it. What’s more, I’m not alone. Two verbal affectations abound in contemporary workplaces and some of us are… Read more

Going on holiday? Beware the ‘let-down effect’

Looking forward to a summer holiday? Really feel in need of that break? Good for you – and yet, watch out. You may be heading for a holiday illness as part of the ‘let down effect’. The term was coined by Marc Schoen to describe the way our immune system can also pack its bags and… Read more

Germany’s World Cup Success

Early last night dear old Dad and I had a bet: he picked Argentina and I favoured Germany. If only the stakes had been higher… Thinking about how Germany were forced to change and change again – and still win – this morning, I realized that Neuro Linguistic Programming has a deceptively simple way of… Read more

Is it possible to motivate people – really?

This is something I ask participants early on in our ‘How to motivate people’ workshop (which opens our pop-up summer school), as it just might be a bit of a misnomer. Can you motivate people – really? OK, it’s a bit of a trick question, rather like, ‘can you manage time?’ We can manage a… Read more

Plug a common project management money drain

  ‘Over-servicing’ – ever hear that term at work? If you work at a professional service firm, trading time (and a fair amount of skill + expertise, but let’s keep it simple) for money, over-servicing can be your biggest profit drain. Bang goes your bonus. And yet, it’s often also the case that ‘going the… Read more