How to handle conflict? 10 tips to try

What is conflict? Definitions vary wildly – from a difference of opinion to an all-out confrontation. Wherever you find yourself on that broad spectrum, it’s well worth stopping to think about how you handle conflict. Why? Because we tend to default in tricky situations – and often in ways that aren’t helpful. And as differences… Read more

8 signs your team might need a tune-up

If you observe several of these behaviours in different members of your team on a regular basis, they may be clues that performance isn’t optimal (to put it very mildly). Any of these signs look familiar? Incessant challenges on ‘how things get done around here’, from a few good ideas to nit-picking nonsense. Not wanting… Read more

What kind of leader do you want to be?

When we run our bite-sized ‘How to develop your leadership style’ workshop, an old question often comes up: “Are leaders born or made?” Whilst it’s been my observation that some leaders show their potential at a very early stage in their careers, it doesn’t necessarily follow that this slams the door in a late developer’s… Read more

5 myths about brainstorm sessions – and what to do instead

How do you feel when you get asked to attend or run a brainstorm session? Eager to get your amazing ideas shared and out there? Curious about what other people will come up with? Or annoyed that yet another brainstorm is going in your diary? Maybe cynical that there’s going to be a lot of… Read more