Boost your self-awareness – and your performance

  Self-awareness has been a bit of a topic for me lately. I recently gave a talk about raising our Emotional Intelligence that – naturally – included self-awareness and saw people were taking notes. Most of us aren’t as self-aware as we could be – we may believe we know ourselves, but often don’t pause… Read more

7 no or low-cost resources to assess yourself

Confession time: until I’d had some feedback and done a series of assessments, I was pretty much in the dark about what I was good at – and what my weaknesses were. Of course I had an idea – but it was just that, with incomplete evidence. So the first time I did an assessment… Read more

Creativity tip: make something

I was recently fortunate enough to catch a Creative Social gathering. Based on their new book, ‘Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief’, Daniele Fiandaca, Sam Ball, Marc Lewis and Jon Burkhart, who were all involved with the book, talked about the different ways we can be creative. One phrase in particular struck me: ‘Make something’ Most people… Read more

6 steps to better meetings

                              One of the many things I love about my job is coming up with new workshops, such as ‘How to make meetings work’. People are telling me – and it’s been my observation – that meetings can hijack heaps of… Read more