10 reasons why you need to rehearse your presentation

  Just because you wrote your presentation – (OK, most of it. Or your bit if it’s a team effort) – don’t think you needn’t rehearse. Creating your content and delivering your presentation are two very different things. Ask anyone who’s ever overlooked that point – like the social media bigwig who flew in to… Read more

How to receive feedback?

I’ve written a fair bit about giving feedback (indeed ‘How to give feedback’ is one of Zoomly’s most popular workshops). But what about being on the receiving end? Most of us can feel pretty squeamish at the idea of someone giving us feedback, but we need to understand that feedback is a two-way street. If… Read more

Do appraisals work – really?

This question raised its head a couple of years back and I commented on it then, with the view that they should be kept, so long as certain criteria were met. There were powerful reasons for and against appraisals then, and these days it seems many people are moving away from them. Why – and… Read more