10 tips for first-time facilitators

“Do I control everything or go with the flow?” This question is one that frequently comes up in our workshops on teams or brainstorming ideas. It’s my observation that people tend more towards one or the other throughout whatever event they’re facilitating. What they take away from the training is the insight that they need… Read more

5 Simple steps to shift from ‘vendor’ to ‘trusted advisor’

When it comes to building and maintaining professional relationships, most of us would prefer to be viewed as a trusted advisor rather than just another vendor. But what does it take to earn that trust? 1. Do your homework One of the first steps to take in building professional relationships is to do your homework…. Read more

How long will your new hires stay?

There’s a lot being said and written about HR analytics at the moment. Another way of saying people need to be on top of their numbers. A metric that’s worth a closer look in many organisations is employee retention rates; this could pay dividends – literally. One aspect of retention that could deliver great ROI… Read more