10 Delegation tips

When managers are overwhelmed, one of the first things they lose their grip on is delegation – yet that’s precisely why they need to keep delegating, and doing more of it. Whether you’ve been delegating for ages and think you’ve mastered it but would like a refresher, or you’re new to managing others and want… Read more

Careers advice – what are schools waiting for?

Well, this part of Zoomly’s website does have ‘the oddl rant’ in its subtitle – and this is one. New research by CBI and Pearson delivers some damning statistics on employers’ perceptions of career advice given to young people at school: Only 7% of employers believe the career advice given in schools is adequate, and… Read more

Summer’s a good time to…

Wimbledon. Strawberries. Thunderstorms. Sneezing. Must be summer. When the days are long and it’s still light when we leave work, we can view life a little differently. There may be just as much work to do, depending on what you’re doing and where, but the mood is usually different. Don’t let the moment slip away…. Read more