10 tips for getting your in-house training session off to a good start

“How can I start my in-house training session (without silly stunts, bad jokes or cringe-making disclosures)?’ This question comes up early in (or even before) ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops that I run. We’ve all been there: “Let’s do a fun warm-up: please find a partner and tell them 3 things about yourself, 2 truths and… Read more

After the brainstorm session: so now what?

One of the easiest ways to kill the creativity in the room at a brainstorming / idea generation session is for someone to start playing editor. This person might be the facilitator, editing and critiquing as they scribe ideas onto a flipchart in front of the hapless group. Or they may be the most senior… Read more

Learning from podcasts

A great way to get free updates, news, ideas and development is to listen to podcasts. You can listen to them on the commute, whilst you’re having lunch, doing the chores. It’s really easy to try one out and subscribe – and equally easy to drop it if it’s not delivering what you wanted. Here… Read more

Tips for building your personal brand

Whether you’re interested in big-name brands or not, you have a personal brand. If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll be convinced by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: What can you do to build your personal brand (without putting style over substance and coming off as a complete narcissist)? Take these tips and get working on your… Read more