10 places to go for great talks

I listed my favourite podcasts in a recent blog post, and several people responded with “more learning resources please”; or words to that effect. Here are 10 sites worth checking out if you fancy hearing and seeing an expert talk about something very different from the day job. Many are free; others charge a ticket… Read more

3 levels of listening – do you use them all?

How well do you listen to others – I mean really listen? Many of us think we’re good listeners, yet in reality we’re likely to be enthusiastic talkers – different skill.   Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to hear well, but hearing what someone says is not the same as really… Read more

The three facets of project management

Project management is considered to have three fundamental dimensions: Time Cost Quality A useful exercise at the start of a project is to ask key stakeholders which aspect is most important to them. Not just on the internal team, but the wider group of stakeholders who will have an interest in the project. Try asking… Read more