More productive meetings mean someone has to take notes

We’re still grappling with two major productivity drains: the deluge of emails and the swamp of meetings. For the former, see my ‘8 alternatives to email’ post‘, and ’10 tips for writing emails that get read’ When it comes to meetings, one of the bugbears I consistently hear from senior managers is that their teams don’t… Read more

Signs that someone’s stressed at work – what can you do?

Mental health has been a big topic recently, thanks to World Mental Health Day and the accompanying column inches. It’s prompted a few people to ask me about managing someone who seems to be suffering stress at work, and a few brave souls have asked me about their own situations (brave not because they asked… Read more

8 alternatives to email

These days, email is the dominant communication medium within and between organisations. Pity. Of course email has its uses – but I think we’re all guilty of defaulting to email far too often. Not only that, we can be guilty of not prioritising when and how we handle our emails – instead trying to deal… Read more