Cheap, quick & good: but can you have all three?

Here’s a very valuable lesson I learned from a former boss – and I mean literally valuable, worth money – about how to haggle over three aspects of a project. Our clients at the ad agency where I worked typically wanted every job done to the highest possible standard, in the shortest possible time –… Read more

How often do you say ‘Thank You’ to your team?

You may have one or some of the following responses to that little provocation: “What business is it of yours how often I say ‘Thank You’ to my people?” “Why should I say ‘Thank You’? It’s their job dammit!” “Erm… don’t really know…” Let’s deal with those responses. If you really don’t think that how… Read more

7 questions to ask yourself before you delegate

A sure sign you’re not ready to delegate is if you find yourself asking one of your team, “Could you just have a think about [insert the vague, half-baked idea you had in the shower here]?” Most of us have fallen into this trap at some point or other and know it’s none too effective…. Read more