What can you do if someone’s work isn’t good enough?

You’ve delegated a task to a colleague. They’ve been working on it without needing any help from you – or so it seemed. Finally, the time comes for you to review what they’ve done. Frankly, the work isn’t up to the standard required. What can you do? First of all, well done for getting past… Read more

Is it really time for you to find another job?

This post must apply to at least some readers of my blog – if not a hefty proportion – given the hair-raising levels of employee turnover I’m hearing in certain quarters. Sure, there’ll be points in your career when it really is time to move on, but for your own sake let that be a… Read more

How to ask for feedback

How are you doing at work? Do you really know? Maybe it’s been ages since your last appraisal, or maybe you’ve got a boss who tells you when you’ve screwed up but not much else, or maybe you’re not sure because you haven’t asked for feedback. What’s stopping you? Reasons I hear from people include:… Read more

10 ways to look after your wellbeing

Wellbeing, or the lack of it, particularly at work, is the subject of much interest at the moment. No wonder: sickness absence can cost employers over £500 per employee per year. Not surprisingly, more enlightened employers are providing ways and means for their people to foster wellbeing. Meanwhile, what can you do to look after… Read more