6 questions to ask when you’re being delegated to

Hands up if you’ve ever been delegated a task and any of the following things have happened: The conversation about the task you now need to do ended abruptly – your delegator had somewhere else they needed to be – and you don’t have a clue about several elements of the task. You aren’t 100%… Read more

7 Presentation tips from TED’s Chris Anderson

  Chris Anderson, TED’s Curator, is putting himself front and centre of many a stage as he promotes his new book, ‘TED Talks: The official TED guide to public speaking’. I was fortunate enough to be given a seat in the audience recently as Chris talked about what makes TED tick and gave us his… Read more

What do your work clothes say about you?

The recent furore about the woman who was sent home from work for refusing to wear high heels has kicked off discussions about what’s OK to wear to work. (If you’ve missed the story – where have you been? – you can catch up on BBC). It’s a tricky one. Some employers have good reasons… Read more

How to have better conference and video calls

Conference calls are now an established source of comedy videos. Attracting comments like, “Yep, that just happened to me”, they’re commonly held to be so bad they’re funny. Do they have to be this way? How can the demoralising ‘squawk box’ or video call experience be improved? Try these tips: Clarify in advance who’s attending… Read more

12 ideas for your next idea generation session

Force random connections Our brains love puzzles and games; forcing random connections is a great way to get us out of our habitual ways of looking at and approaching an issue. For example, you can ask your group to: 1. Play with metaphors. How is the challenge like: a car? A work of art? A… Read more