Sports Teams and Work Teams – same or different?

There’s a lot written and said about what teams at work can learn from sports teams. Much of it is inspirational, some of it is useful, and some just doesn’t travel into your average workplace at all. That’s because there are fundamental, but often overlooked, differences – beyond the obvious dress code issues. Goal clarity… Read more

Top tips for managing your manager

Your relationship with your manager is the most important professional relationship you can have. They can influence the work you get to do, give you opportunities to learn and develop, give you advice and show you short cuts, boost your chances of promotion, and more. Your manager can make your working life heaven or hell…. Read more

7 steps to better collaboration

See the situation through their eyes The same situation can be perceived very differently depending on our perspective. Picture what’s going on for the other person – what’s at stake for them? We can assume – wrongly – what their aims are. What positive intentions do they have? Be clear on what you care about… Read more