10 resources to help you get your career back on track

It happens. You’ve been so busy doing your job you haven’t had time to stop and ask yourself if this is really the career path you want to be on. Then one day – often whilst on holiday, or when something major happens in our lives – you finally do stop and not only are… Read more

Ask a coach: “Help! I’ve been told to raise my profile”

This kind of question often gets asked at the end of a training workshop, when I’m clearing up and gathering my things. Someone hangs back… They have a question that a) they didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else for fear of looking a loser, b) they didn’t think it was appropriate to… Read more

10 tips to help you stop procrastinating

  Get clear on what you’ll gain by completing the task, or even part of it. Visualise this in as much detail as you possibly can: how will you feel, what will be different, where will you be, with whom? Work out what you’ll lose if you don’t get started, let alone if you don’t… Read more