Tune into your self-talk

I’ve been riveted by the Olympics, and will now be by the Paralympics. Whatever the sport, I’m always curious about what’s going through each competitor’s mind. Before they start, when they’re under pressure and when they’ve had a setback. Yes, there’s a lot we can deduce from their body language – posture and facial expression… Read more

Ask a coach: ‘How do I coach my team members to take action?’

This question often comes up when I work with managers; it may be that a) they’ve delegated something and the team member just didn’t get to complete (or even start) the job; or b) they’ve been applying their newly-learned coaching skills and their team members are mostly really responding well to this approach, but some… Read more

2 essential idea generation techniques

When we’re trying to generate lots of new ideas we often try too hard. What we really need to do is stop trying and simply brainstorm whatever comes to mind. However this can be really hard to do, because a) we look at the problem / issue / question from our own right-here-right-now perspective and… Read more