When to coach (and when not to)?

It’s great when participants on Zoomly’s ‘How to coach your people’ workshop start to see the difference they can make when they add a coaching approach to their toolkit. They experience the power of switching from being in ‘tell’ mode all the time to ‘ask’ mode. Indeed they can get a bit evangelical and want… Read more

Ask a coach: I’m stuck in a rut – how can I get out?

What caused you to notice you’re ‘stuck in a rut’? Was it something someone said? Or an event, such as a reunion? Looking at others’ ‘wonderful’ (idealised) lives on social media? Or comparison with friends or colleagues? Caution: beware comparing – I’m convinced it’s some kind of neuro-poison. Your situation may be absolutely fine for… Read more

10 tips for ending your in-house training workshops well

  1. Announce the end’s in sight At what point do you do this? I suggest allowing roughly 10% of the total time to draw proceedings to a close. So in Zoomly’s bite-sized workshops this can be as brief as 9 minutes. In a day-long bespoke event it could be 40 minutes. Whenever this is,… Read more

10 tips to top up your confidence

Even the most seemingly self-assured person will get their confidence knocked from time to time. (And by the way, it’s worth stopping to think about what ‘confidence’ really is about for you, as that loudmouth may be compensating for what they think are their shortcomings, whilst the more reserved soul may be absolutely confident in… Read more