5 reasons to create an elevator pitch for your next presentation

Image by clearviewstock (Philip Morley) We’ve all heard of the ‘elevator pitch’, right? And we’re all way too cool for school to be bothered doing anything quite so, well, ‘salesy’ (ew!) Oh grow up. Pssst: if you’re doing a presentation, on some level, at some point, with some people, you’re going to be selling –… Read more

Help! I’ve been told to speak up more in meetings

  Ah, yes. The old ‘you need to speak up more in meetings’ edict. A comment that is often casually tossed towards someone who has: asked for feedback on their performance, dared to discuss their promotion prospects, asked for advice, discussed their appraisal – or all four. It’s not all that helpful is it? You… Read more

Is coaching right for you?

1. What’s your understanding of ‘coaching’? Maybe you know someone who’s worked with a professional coach; it may have been on an aspect of their personal life, or to focus on their performance and success at work. As the ‘coachee’ (clunky word, but we know what it means) told you how it was working for… Read more