DOs and DON’Ts for managing older workers

Photo: everett225 (Ron Harvey) Previously, I wrote about managing younger workers. ‘Gen Y’, ‘Millennials’ (or however they’re described where you work) have been the subject of much research and opinion for nearly 10 years now. They make up the majority of Zoomly’s workshop participants, so I like to think I know them pretty well. But… Read more

DOs and DON’Ts for managing younger workers

  Do recruit beyond the graduate talent pool Employers have a critical role to play in tackling social inequality. Those leading the way recruit beyond the traditional graduate intake, whether that’s via providing work experience with the possibility of later employment, internships, mentoring schemes in the community or apprenticeships. Research from the Chartered Management Institute… Read more

10 ways to make your team more productive

The questions that come up when I run Zoomly’s 90-minute workshop on ‘How to work well in a team’ are usually around how to deal with other team members. There’s often some frustration that the team doesn’t seem to be as productive as the different component human parts suggest it could be. Here are my… Read more