Book review: Too Fast to Think, by Chris Lewis

The irony wasn’t lost on me that Chris Lewis’s ‘Too Fast to Think – how to reclaim your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture’ had been sitting on my desk for several weeks before I got to read it. I think it’s worth the wait, with some simple, practical tips and ideas for how we… Read more

What do people really mean when they ask for ‘collaboration’?

For some time now I’ve been doing a fair bit of work around collaboration – at least that’s generally the starting point. Yet when we dig deeper into what’s really going on ‘collaboration’ may be what someone says they want, but isn’t really what they’re after. The harsh reality is they actually want someone else… Read more

Money worries affecting your work performance?

Image by photocosma (Cosma Andrei)   Disclaimer – please take note: I’m not a trained financial advisor, which is why I’ve aggregated specialist resources that have far more knowledgeable people than me working to provide help. I simply want to give information to readers who may be finding it tough right now. 1 in 4… Read more

Does practice really make perfect?

Image by Ron Harvey/Deposit Photos The ‘10,000 hours’ theory often comes up when I’m running workshops and the discussion turns to practising and applying learning back at the day job. Many participants have read or heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers: The Story of Success’ (2008), or Matthew Syed’s ‘Bounce: The Myth of Talent and The… Read more